Reality sets in when you really stop and see
How much time we put into this and how strong we can really be
The time it takes and the battles that we've won
Make this worth it and help you see our struggles never done
A friendship built into family and time to make a stance
There is more there just take a look give us more then just a glance
A four year run we never stop we've answered every call
Our heart our soul our pride for this just try to get through this wall
The one we built the one they said is truly made of stone
Nothing can compare to this it's more then we've ever known
Starting so young all the way up to just gaining respect
The people behind the scenery don't see the real aspect
They see the outside image they see we're saving a life
But what it is that they don't know is we too deal with the strife
When sometimes all we've done really just isn't enough
We couldn't save that one this time that call was really rough
It takes a lot to go out there and do it all once more
Your pride is hurt you think you've lost your damaged to the core
But when it all comes down to it we get up and we stand strong
We do it again cause that's how it is it's all we've known all along
We turn to each other we talk out all the bad
We let it out sometimes we cry it even makes us sad
But when the tones go off again we put that call aside
For now it's just a memory here's another to build our pride
And when the day is over we look back on the events
That made us stand here still today and made us make some sense
Of all the times that we've gone out that made us feel complete
Never once did we let something bad be our downfall our defeat
Our fears get in the way sometimes but even then its true
We can't back down we won't fall apart this is what we're made to do
So when reality sets in again and we think that we have lost
We are a squad we are a team there is no price no cost.